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portrait photographer whangarei northland
portrait photographer whangarei northland

A portrait captures people in different parts of their lives and preserves those precious memories for a lifetime.

I specialise in environmental portraiture.  Environmental portraits are shot on location, either at your home or garden, or we could meet at a local beach or park.  In the natural environment it is easier for people to feel more relaxed, and the location can tell us something about them.

Portraits can be of individual babies or children, or I can take a variety of combinations   including parents and grandparents. I strive to create natural, fun images to capture the spirit.

Special occasion birthdays and anniversaries are a great time to get some professional photographs taken, especially when it means a family gathering.

ohhh Aunty Vicki!  These photos are AMAZING……INCREDIBLE….I LOVE THEM!  It was such a great idea of yours to have the professional photographs taken of our beautiful family party.”

I can also do Portrait Fundraisers to help raise money for your school or organisation.  Email me at for more information.

フランス【ChantalThomass】シャンタルトーマスMurmureガーターベルト Milkカラー(T07190)
10個セット 陶板 弥勤5.5鍋(フタ付) [ 16.6 x 15.3 x 9cm ] 料亭 旅館 和食器 飲食店 業務用
クロウダ ブラウン[モダン仏壇][モダンミニ仏壇][家具調仏壇][現代仏壇]
【 Lトップハンドル付2段 LT-6-2-B-M-10-L 】 【 厨房器具 製菓道具 おしゃれ 飲食店 】
★ポイント最大7倍★【全国配送可】-ラバーウッドチェア(ブラウンン) GMC-R1-LG-B グリーン 型番GMC-R1-LG-B asn7-1375-02 -【医療・看護用機器】
【7年保証付】 【ノーリツ エコジョーズ ガス給湯器】 GT-C206SARX BL 20号 オート 据置形 ガスふろ給湯器
マキタ 高圧エア釘打 AN635HM (青)エアダスタ付
中津テント Bマット60mm合成スポンジマット B-962 [分類:体操・運動マット (白帆布)]

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